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From the monthly archives: December 2016

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'December 2016'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Literacy: Now read this - By NORMAN GISSEL Guest Opinion

"Literacy, the ability to read and comprehend the written word, has always had a high economic, political, and cultural value. Those who are blessed with high literacy are favored with high social status. They receive the best jobs, and are paid the most. As we are now in the Information Age (some call it the Data Age) literacy has been assigned the highest possible value. Virtually every new job created in the coming years will require a community college or a four-year college education, whose educational requirements are unattainable to the nonreader. Those few remaining jobs available for the nonreader are being replaced with machines and robots at an accelerating rate or simply done away with."

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Idaho Head Start behind

"Many Idaho children from low-income families are not benefiting from a federal program specifically made to help them, a recent study found.


The study, conducted by the National Institute for Early Education Research, a unit of the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers, examines how effective Head Start and Early Head Start are in each of the 50 states."

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IDeal program allows tax deductible donations to pay for college

"Mary Altimus of Coeur d'Alene wants her children to go to graduate college without having to pay off student loans. She has been saving for their college since they were born.

When she heard about IDeal, the Idaho college savings program, she thought it was too good to be true. She easily navigated the online signup and now has a chunk of money deducted from her paycheck each month to fund her kids’ accounts."

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