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College, Coffee, & Career - Feb 7, 2017 Meeting Notes

  • Department of Labor has hiring events each month on the 2nd Wednesday from 10am to noon.
    Cameron Cushing is a VISTA volunteer for the Inspiring Futures Program to expand the capacity for post-secondary success. He coordinates with schools in both Regions 1 & 2. He is currently exploring with KTEC the possibility of the students receiving access to the Workplace Excellence Series (soft skills training). He also recently promoted the series to Moscow High School. He will be promoted School-to-Registered Apprenticeship to Priest River, Lamana High School. The next schools he is visiting with are Troy and Mullan.
  • TRIO Educational Talent Search just took 27 high school students on a Tech Tour.  Amanda is taking students from the Post Falls Middle School on a field trip to the Mobius Science Center and touring Gonzaga as well as other locations in Spokane. They also hold monthly workshops for students discussing the vocabulary of college, such as letters of recommendation, ACT, SAT, etc. They have after-school study groups twice per week. They are planning a spring break road trip for 40 students (30 from PF and 10 from the Silver Valley) to the Oregon Coast where they will visit the Oregon Aquarium, Tillamook Cheese, and some colleges.
  • North Idaho Educate Idaho Partnership is creating a database for volunteers who are willing to assist students with career exploration. Volunteers are able to choose how they are involved such as being a speaker in a classroom talking about the industry they work in, or entertaining the idea of allowing a student to job shadow or intern at their place of work. The United Way is currently collecting and housing the volunteer information that will be provided to students and teachers once we obtain a good variety of individuals across various occupations/industries.
  • PTECH – They are hoping to roll out more videos, such as this one: Buck The Quo: They have a revised Career Pathways map. Another fun tool they are using with students is a board game called Mama’s Basement. Stephanie will share the Career Map and game when she has PTECH’s approval to do so (soon).
  • Advanced Opportunities –The State Department of Ed. paid out 5.7 million dollars for dual credit activities last year and are expecting a large increase this year. There is legislation in place to increase the career and college advisor funds by another 40%.
  • TESH – Director, Frances Huffman is working to develop a new program for students with disabilities to have a place on the college campus. She is working with all of the local high schools to develop a transition program to bridge youth to adult life. She wants to model this program after Think College, a national program. A few of the partners she is working with include: North Idaho College, Voc. Rehab, Workplace Excellence, TRIO, and Project Search.
    Applications are being accepted right now for Project Search.
    Frances has started an Interagency Council for students with disabilities. That council includes representatives from Health and Welfare, Voc. Rehab, students, parents, and consumers. She is also putting on another summer work program for students with disabilities. She will place up to 40 students with local employers to receive 100 hours of paid work experience (more employers needed). The wages are paid by the grant. In addition, the students will receive 20 hours of soft skills training. Students must be between the ages of 16-21, have met the criteria of a person with a disability as defined by Voc. Rehab, and they have to be returning to or going on to some type of college.
  • North Idaho Family Group hosts the Ed Info website and the non-profit resources - Shelly Zollman included information about the Workplace Excellence series in the most recent Family magazine to help promote the series being offered by North Idaho College and Idaho Department of Labor.
  • North Idaho College
    They have a series of events in our community at the Kootenai County Libraries (see attached). They occur from 3 to 6 pm at each of the below listed libraries.

-          Rathdrum (Feb. 6)

-          Athol (Feb. 8)

-          Spirit Lake (Feb. 13)

-          Hayden (Feb. 22)

-          Post Falls (March 7)


They will also be hosting events at the Sandpoint and Silver Valley Outreach Centers on Feb. 14th and Feb. 15th respectively to provide more direct support to community members with career assessments, application completion support, financial aid completion, and transfer options to LCSC and UIdaho – Coeur d’Alene.

-          Sandpoint Outreach Center (Feb. 14)

-          Silver Valley Outreach Center (Feb. 15)

-          Bonners Ferry (Jan. 26 – has already passed)


In addition, you can find select programs highlighted at KROC Center tabling events the last Tuesday of each month from January through June.


For a full list of on campus events visit our calendar at

NIC Career Services Events Calendar






February 2, 2017, Thursday


Main Level Student Union

Conducting an Effective Job Search

March 22, 2017 Wednesday

3:30-5:00 p.m.

Harbor Center

Career Information for YOU at North Idaho College

April 4th, 2017 Tuesday


Student Union Building, Driftwood Bay

Career Information for YOU at North Idaho College

April 5th, 2017 Wednesday


Student Union Building, Driftwood Bay

NIC Info Night - Two Career Exploration Workshops + Table

April 11, 2017


4:00 to 6:30 p.m.

Edminster Student Union Building

Career Services Provides Job Fair Preparation Packets for IDOL Job Fair

April 19, 2017



Career Services Edminster Student Union

Career Market Idaho & National Career Development Day

November 15, 2017



Lake Coeur d’Alene Room, Student Union


Every Wednesday from 2-4 Walk-Ins – Career Services – Upper Level Student Union Building

Every Thursday from 11-1 – Career Services Cart - Main Level SUB (Edminster Student Union)

For more information on any of the above events, please check back on

or call (208) 625-2364


NEXT MEETING is March 7th, 8am, Dept. of Labor – 600 N. Thornton Street, Post Falls.


North Idaho College hopes to offer Free summer classes

"North Idaho College wants to offer free summer courses, but the Idaho Legislature has to agree to fund them first.

The Summer Completion Initiative, if included in the Legislature’s final budget, would offer Idaho residents one or two courses at NIC, tuition-free, during the summer of 2017 in hopes of helping raise the number of students who enroll in college or technical school within 12 months after graduating high school.

NIC has asked lawmakers to include the $594,900 project in the state budget for fiscal year 2018." ...

Read the full article at >

Career Cruising Launched in CDA District #271

"Eighth-graders in the Coeur d’Alene School District got a glimpse of the future this week when they made four-year plans for high school.

The district has implemented the new Career Cruising Program that helps students create a plan for high school and post-graduation and connects their coursework with real opportunities in the future."

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Idaho Needs Teachers

"Teachers in Idaho leave their jobs almost as often as retail workers do, according to the Idaho Department of Labor.

Over the course of 10 years, about 27 percent of K-12 teachers in Idaho, in both public and private schools, will leave the profession, or leave Idaho, according to the state labor department."

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CDA Charter Grad releases First Book

"The Gem State's formal moniker has again been reinvented with Ruskovich's debut novel, "Idaho." It is a tale of a family's loss, grief and faded memories and takes place in the fictional town of Ponderosa in North Idaho, a setting derived from Ruskovich's memories of growing up in Athol and Blanchard. She graduated from Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy in 2004 and now lives and teaches in Colorado.

Ruskovich investigated the true origin of "Idaho" and found that it may have come from a miscommunication when delegates were figuring out what to name the new state of Colorado." ...

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Local schools receive STEM grants

"The Idaho STEM Action Center just awarded more than a quarter-million dollars in grants to pre-K to 12th-grade education professionals and organizations throughout the state.

Kootenai County schools receiving grants include: Athol Elementary, Canfield Middle, Fernan STEM, Greensferry Elementary, Lakeland School District, Lakes Magnet Middle, Mountainview Alternative and North Idaho STEM."

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New task force focus: College and careers

As we near the midway point in successfully implementing the 20 recommendations from the 2013 Task Force for Improving Education, it’s time to turn our attention to the postsecondary part of Idaho’s K-through-Career education system.

I believe our success in implementing transformative initiatives in our K-12 education system over the past three years is due largely to the process used by that task force. The group’s diverse makeup, the study of best practices and research, and the robust discussion of potential improvements led to a five-year roadmap for improving student achievement and creating a world-class K-12 education system in Idaho.

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Dangers of vaping to be discussed

Monte Stiles and Ray Lozano, two leading experts in drug education and prevention, will pay a visit to Coeur d’Alene in January to discuss the dangers of e-cigs and vaping.

“A lot of young people — and even their parents — are under the mistaken impression that e-cigs are a harmless alternative to cigarettes,” said Steven Meier, director of the University of Idaho’s Addictions Training Program. “These dynamite speakers help reinforce the notion that vaping is far from harmless, and may in fact introduce a whole host of new health hazards that are especially dangerous for young people.”


Wednesday, Jan 11: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Community Room at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library, 702 E. Front Ave.

Tuesday, Jan. 17: 6-7 p.m. Coeur d’Alene High School auditorium, 5530 N. Fourth St. 

Both events are free and open to the public. More event info:

See the full article at > 

Project helps bridge students, bright future

Idaho schools now have some extra help providing students access to opportunities.

The Inspiring Futures Project is helping connect schools with community businesses so students can have a wider array of internships, apprenticeships and job shadows to choose from.

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Literacy: Now read this - By NORMAN GISSEL Guest Opinion

"Literacy, the ability to read and comprehend the written word, has always had a high economic, political, and cultural value. Those who are blessed with high literacy are favored with high social status. They receive the best jobs, and are paid the most. As we are now in the Information Age (some call it the Data Age) literacy has been assigned the highest possible value. Virtually every new job created in the coming years will require a community college or a four-year college education, whose educational requirements are unattainable to the nonreader. Those few remaining jobs available for the nonreader are being replaced with machines and robots at an accelerating rate or simply done away with."

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